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November 11-14 at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Fair (ADIPEC) in Abu Dhabi, our company C.E.O. Patrick Jun was invited to join the event as a member of the Middle East Petroleum Club.

One of the world's largest international oil and gas related events, where international petroleum industry members from 1984 to the Middle East gathered to present a conference on common interests and present related research, as well as hold exhibitions of related technologies and products. ADIPEC will gather leading oil companies from around the world and will have the opportunity to discuss the current oil market situation and future projects as well as the speakers from the Abu Dhabi Order Center as well as representatives from each country.

Patrick Jun, CEO of Korea Heavy Industries Development Corporation (KHIND), will be invited as a member of the Middle East Petroleum Club to attend the meeting with oil ministers of oil-producing countries to discuss future international situation, future directions and future of oil industry. It is forecast.


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