KHIND took over Irish global fund company, Sinoterra

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Sinoterra, an Irish fund company with a holdings of 7B USD, acquired in late November 2019.
Now, we will expand KHIND's influence as a global fund for the innovative economy.

We are a private fund management company committed to protecting and improving the quality of life for people in developing countries across all facets of our investment activities through a corporate culture of social responsibility. We work directly with governments, humanitarian organizations, and other professionals to develop a tailored financing and investment strategy that provides the necessary capital to meet immediate humanitarian needs and achieve long- term economic growth and sustainability. Using an innovative and holistic approach to impact investing, we create a customized solution that balances financial returns with positive social and environmental impact. This funding strategy generates resources for urgent humanitarian needs, like food, water, housing, and healthcare, as well as capital for essential infrastructure, such as energy, communications, transportation, and technology assets that expand productivity and capacity, and generate new revenue streams.

At the heart of Sinoterra is a team of seasoned investment professionals with expertise in many specific fields. Led by people who are distinguished in their chosen areas, they have worked in over 50 countries, have demonstrated a total commitment to the responsibilities they share with their members, and partner with leading technical firms and experts to insure the breadth and depth of expertise required for any project in any developing market.

Sinoterra Global Ltd. is an affiliate of KHIND Co. Ltd

Sinoterra targets impact investment opportunities that address critical issues both global and local, as well as provide financial return, in sectors such as conservation, sustainable agriculture, infrastructure, and accessible basic services, like education, housing, and healthcare.

We focus on investments that will make a strong contribution toward the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, with an emphasis on renewable energy, energy efficiency, communications, transportation, and technology projects.

We are committed to providing humanitarian aid that is designed to save lives and meet the immediate needs of victims of natural disasters, civil unrest, and failed governments. By partnering with established and trusted humanitarian organizations, we are able to identify critical needs, quickly respond to emergencies, and provide food, water, tents, hygiene items, and medical care. We also aim to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of pledged resources.


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